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Sustainable Support

Ove Design provides your team with the support you need within the parameters that you need it. Whether you require drafting support for the next week or year – Ove is here.


Consistent Quality

We provide you with each support member’s background and relevant feedback regarding the expert’s level of experience, background knowledge, and expertise.


Engaging Education

We offer one hour civil related AutoCAD and Civil 3D trainings based on your office needs. We have experts with a variety of AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and civil training. Whatever topic you are interested in exploring, we will craft a course specific to you and your needs.


. We are Ove Design Group .

We are a team of AutoCAD Drafters and Project Managers that have extensive experience in the Civil Engineering industry. We support our clients in staying efficient by providing consistent drafting support and education, that your team can use to make the most of their efforts. We believe that every minute taken off of production time, is a minute gained towards productivity – a value we instill in all the content we create.

Whether you require drafting support for the next week, or year – Ove Design Group is here.

. services we offer .


Consistent Quality

Civil Drafting Support

We provide drafting support in a number of civil related areas including structural, utilities, roadways, and residential. If your team requires material or cost estimates, we are more than qualified to provide the accurate information your team needs.

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Engaging Education

Civil Team Trainings

Whether you are a individual or a team of twenty, we provide civil, AutoCAD, and Civil 3D trainings relevant to your team’s more pertinent questions and day to day needs. We will provide you with tools, suggestions, and content to help bring more ease and efficiency to your work day.

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With industry experience, hard work, & a bit of fun, we provide you with support you can depend on.

. our mission .

Ove (pronounced OH-vuh) Design Group is a multi-faceted firm established to best suit both the client and consumer needs. Designing the built environment – whether seen or unseen - is not only affected by a client’s vision, but by the experience for the end user. Ove Arup, the Founder of Arup, was one of the most renown structural architects of his time. Partnered with a team of the best, the company is leaving a legacy on each project left behind, and Ove Design continues to do the same.


. how we work .


    Identify Scope of Work

    Initial project consultations allow our team to better understand your project needs and determine how we can best benefit you and your team. Thereafter, we offer initial fixed price cost estimates.


    Project Execution

    Project work is completed by a team AutoCAD expert. Time is tracked using Toggl, project progress is tracked using Asana, and documents are stored using Dropbox.



    The final product is provided to the client after a thorough internal review by the team lead.

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Structural Engineers


Land Surveyors


civil engineers



landscape architects



general contractors



. $181.20

Average Client Savings Each Week


. 326

Number of Times the DIMLIN Command Has Been Used


. 86

Number of Starbucks Coffee Cups Ordered


. 1

Number of Legal AutoCAD Copies per Employee

. Our Founder.

The best of the best are always learning. Let us help you get started.

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. Let’s Partner.

We work with growing civil engineering offices and firms, that require additional production or training support. If this sounds like you, we would be happy to connect.