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Diverse People Generate Diverse Ideas

Diversity in experience and personality allow companies to rise to the top. Find out how and why.

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9 Ways to Engage Your Team and Build Profit

High employee engagement boosts company profits and lowers costly turnover. Boost your office and team environment with these key tips.

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4 Ways to Welcome Your New Team Member

Offering your new and current team members appreciation for the dedication to the company is the foundation of an excellent company culture. Start creating that culture from an employee's first day with your team...

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3 Management Sites that Improve Your Communication

Easily stay communicative with your team, and stay up to date with the progress of multiple projects, reduce the number of meetings in your week, and increase communication between team members with one of the following free programs.

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Why The Best Outsource Drafting Production

Discover additional reasons for outsourcing additional AutoCAD work with some of these key ideas. By having a clear strategy regarding your outsourcing experience, you will be able to make the most of your additional production support.

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4 AutoCAD Commands that Boost Productivity

A minute of improved accuracy when working with AutoCAD is a minute of productivity gained. AutoCAD is a program that allows its users to constantly be learning new commands, techniques, and modules. Here we introduce 4 AutoCAD commands that can boost your productivity this week...

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4 Must Have Magazines for Your Office

Maintaining opportunities for professional development is imperative for maintaining employee engagement. One small way to encourage continued learning is by having industry related magazines to read on employee breaks. Check out a list of great magazines to share here:

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Which Architectural Software is the Best Fit?

From our friends over at Arch Daily, we are sharing an infographic clarifying which Architectural software programs, your team should be using to stay up to date in the industry.

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4 Ways to Reduce Stress in the Office

Don't let stress and disgruntled days encourage high turnover and work absences. Nip it in the bud by trying some of the four easy to use ways to reduce stress in the office.

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Your Personal Flu Prevention Prescription

With seasonal sickness on the rise, stay free from sniffles and coughs this year by following our simple and all-natural prevention tips.

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