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22 Feb

3 Management Sites to Improve Team Communication

Maintaining consistent and clear communication is essential to effective project management. But how can project managers maintain communication with their teams without hounding their team members each day? Introducing three project management sites that allow for free and paid, easily accessible means to stay communicative and up to date with project progress amongst a team in the same office or different states.



1. Asana

How It Works: Projects are created and managed by team members; thereafter, sections, tasks, and subtasks are added to each project. These tasks can be updated to include due dates and times, as well as easily let project participants know the progress on each project tasks. Asana easily integrates with the following: Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, Okta, Github, and Google Chrome.

Pricing: Free for teams of up to 15 people. About $8.03 per member for larger teams, although the price is adjusted with respect to the team’s size.

Why Use It: Add Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box attachments to projects, tasks, or conversations. Project managers can quickly view project progress using automatically generated charts displaying team progress. Easily turn conversations into actionable tasks for a variety of projects.



2. Trello

How It Works: Create cards to delegate tasks to your team. Each card can be assigned a due date and individuals to complete the tasks. This management system allows you to remain up to date about the major tasks your team must accomplish, increasing overall efficiency and communication.

Pricing: The free plan includes unlimited boards, integrations with Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, and file attachments up to 10MB. For $8.33/user/month, your team additionally gains an increase in file attachments (250MB), the privatization of company info, and integrations with Evernote, Github, Google Hangouts, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. For $20.83/user/month, large companies using Trello’s Enterprise package gain file encryption, personal onboarding service, and intrusion detection.

Why Use It: Each task allows for the assignment of an individual or multiple members and a due date and time. Trello’s notification system similarly allows you to instantly know the progress of your projects based on the changes your team has made to each task. Trello also works on the web, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, watches, and Kindle Fire tablet, so you can stay connected wherever you are.



3. Basecamp

How it Works: Check out this short 1:45 minute video.

Pricing: Free introduction to Basecamp, then $29/month for an internal team or $79/month for the added “Clientside” feature.

Why Use It: Basecamp depicts tasks in a checklist style, that allows for the assignment of team members and due dates. A Basecamp message board allows your team to remain communicative about project progress and idea discussions while from the comfort of their desk. Basecamp likewise allows for the asking of scheduled questions and the sending of pings (instant personal messages), which allows for further project communication and team building.


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