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07 Jan

4 AutoCAD Commands that Boost Productivity

AutoCAD drafters around the world often proclaim how much of the program they know, while likewise explaining that with AutoCAD, there is always something new to learn. In this article, we bring you 4 AutoCAD commands that can help improve your productivity by providing you shortcuts for your everyday work.


Nudge Command:

CTRL + Arrow Keys

Do you need to quickly explain a concept to a colleague? Try AutoCAD’s NUDGE command: CTRL + Arrow Keys. If you would like to bring some accuracy to your nudge, turn SNAP Mode on by pressing the Function 9 key (F9). With this mode activated, the object will be nudged in either direction by a predefined spacing, rather than by a distance of two pixels.


Change Space Command:


When the PLINE is in Paper Space instead of Model Space: Use the Change Space (CHSPACE) command when you would like to switch an object from model space into paper space, or vice versa. To move a model space object, enter the viewport and click the object you would like to switch to Paper Space. When moving an object from Paper Space to Model Space, click the object and enter the CHSPACE command. By following the command line prompts, you are easily able to translate objects while maintaining the scale between the two.


Xref Commands:


When you need to interact with an Xref: The XLIST command is essential to identifying an object’s layer, type, color, and linetype if it is nested in a block or Xref. Similarly, the NCOPY command allows you to copy objects nested in blocks or Xrefs into the current drawing. Both commands, allow you to easily interact with the objects nested in your attached drawings and blocks without having to go through the time and effort of opening the Xref to reach the object you intend to interact with.


Toggle Between Viewports:


When dealing with complicated drawings, it can be easy to end up editing the incorrect viewport. To avoid these errors, easily toggle between viewports by using the SHIFT key to easily cycle between multiple viewports. Begin by entering Model Space in a viewport, then hit the SHIFT key to move in Model Space to the next viewport. Toggling through viewports in AutoCAD via this method allows you to easily make edits or observations in a variety of viewports.


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