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30 Jul

4 Must Have Magazines for Your Office

1. ASCE Civil Engineering Magazine:

Civil Engineering

The flagship ASCE Civil Engineering magazine offers your civil engineers and EITs professional development opportunities and information about the latest innovations in design and standards. This magazine is a staple for any civil engineering office, as it includes a variety of civil engineering news that offers your team members civil engineering related conversation starters, solutions to unique design problems, and awareness of the moves other industry leaders are making.

Subscription Cost: Join the ASCE association to gain access to this informative and industry known publication. ASCE membership ranges based on your level of registration (from zero to $225). Any student interns are recommended to join the association and receive access to the publication free of charge. ASCE memberships also offer access to special educational webinars, networking events, and other exclusive professional development opportunities.


2. Civil + Structural Engineer:

Civil & Structural Engineering

Civil + Structural Engineer magazine is focused on where the future of civil engineering is moving, including incorporating new technology into design and bringing awareness to the large projects being built around the globe. The website this magazine can be found at also is an excellent source for information about upcoming civil related webinars, networking events, and educational events.

Subscription Cost: Free of charge. By visiting their website, you can view each month’s articles from the comfort of your office.


3. Construction Today:


Construction Today, focuses on the construction engineering industry and projects built across the nation. Learn from the construction strategies being used on projects in your region, as well as innovative strategies to run your company and team as efficiently as possible.

Subscription Cost: Free of charge. By visiting their website and offering your email, these informative construction engineering doses will easily head straight to your email inbox.


4. Project Management Institute:

Project Management

Build yourself, and your up-and-coming leaders by connecting with the Project Management Institute (PMI) magazine, PM Network. The PM Network alerts you to trends in technology and strategies for navigating the professional world.

Subscription Cost: In order to gain access to the PM Network, a team member must be a Project Management Institute member, which can cost anywhere from $32 to $129 based on your team member’s seniority. PMI membership also includes additional professional development knowledge and resources.


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Alyson holds several years of experience in the civil engineering industry, including a vast range of civil engineering production and design work. As the Founder of Ove Design, she has firsthand experience with the pain point firms across the nation often feel - a lack of quality drafting support. Alyson created the Ove Design Team in order to provide firms with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully propel their growth.