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02 Jan

9 Ways to Engage Your Team and Build Profit

  1. Personal and Professional Project Time: Offer employees a couple hours out of each day to build their own projects. Team members can connect and bounce ideas off of one another to build on what they are already working on. The projects can be initiatives, programs, or ideas that can bring a new creativity to the workday, while also improving the work environment.

  2. Assign Buddies to New Team Members: The first day in a new office can be daunting. It can be a similar feeling to being the new kid on a school playground. Having a partner or mentor identified for each newcomer will help them feel welcome, give them someone to ask questions to, and allows them to more easily build a strong relationship with their peers; allowing them to better adapt and grow with the team.

  3. Theme Your Work Week: Add zest to your work week by creating themed work days. Increasing the amount of fun employees have increases their loyalty and enjoyment in the workplace. Start with a “Bring Your Child to Work Day”, “Bring Your Pet to Work Day”, or “Chocolate Doughnut Wednesday” to start. Get creative and end any day to day monotony in the workplace.

  4. Support Volunteerism and Charity: Nothing feels better than giving back to the community. Encourage volunteering and charity amongst your team by generating friendly competitions to see who can raise the most money for a cause. To encourage volunteering amongst the company, share local volunteer groups with your team or create your own projects that allow for giving back to the community. Giving your employees a few days each month to volunteer for a cause they support brings the heart back to business.

  5. Give Your Environment Character: Bring character to the work environment by bringing in art, mugs, plants, and music that can brighten the office space. Creating a fun and welcoming office environment not only drives your team to come back to the office each day, but makes it enjoyable for clients to stop by as well. Also celebrate staff birthdays and accomplishments to help your team feel appreciated throughout the year.

  6. Invite a Motivational Speaker to the Office: Motivational speakers can boost employee engagement and motivation. Motivational speakers can inspire your team to accomplish more in each given day, not only in the office, but in their personal lives as well. Motivational speakers remind your team of how valuable they are to the company increasing the employee-company bond.

  7. Invite your Team into the Hiring Process: Have key staff members sit in on interviews in order to make them feel appreciated. If the team member has one to two questions for the candidate, encourage them to ask. After the interview is over, ask for their thoughts on the candidate; they may have a unique perspective, especially if they have been with the company for a longer period of time.

  8. Get Your Team’s Feedback: Encourage open communication within your team by encouraging the use of surveys, suggestion boxes, and team meetings to offer arenas for the expression of team member ideas. Remain open minded and accepting of their perspectives without offering criticism. Lastly, address their concerns and ideas in the best way you can.

  9. Appreciate and Recognize Their Hard Work: Employee recognition builds and maintains healthy employee-manger relationships. Recognizing and rewarding your employees can improve their performance. Be sure to recognize the completion of their performance goal as soon as possible, either as they are doing or completing the performance goal. Engaged employees received feedback at least once a week, as compared to low engaged employees who received feedback at annual events.

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