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31 Jan

Diverse People Generate Diverse Ideas

Diversity includes all the forms that humans come in: male, female, young, old, brown, white, disabled, and the able-bodied. Diversity is important, not in order to meet company quotas, but it is important to the growth and development of innovation in your company and team. The experiences and knowledge gained by traveling to unique countries, by speaking foreign languages, and coming from various backgrounds brings new insights into ways your consumers will experience your final product and the unique concerns from their community. Not only do diverse teams make better decisions, diverse teams produce more revenue, gather more clients, and increase company profits. Within our professional network and in our personal lives, we have come to find that these unique perspectives and insights are what make America’s success unique.

New platforms and startups are popping up to fill employers needs for diversity in the workplace. Platforms like, Jopwell, recruit minorities for scientific and technical positions. Cutting edge companies see each individual as unique, with ideas that can support the problem solving process during the design phase. Engineering teams that maintain diverse teams are supported by individuals who have experience designing for a variety of soils, project sizes, and climates, so they often have suggestions that apply to a unique project case.

Ultimately, the future of every industry is dependent on the innovation brought about by a variety of perspectives. Although a homogenous company culture may feel safe and easy, it is this comfort that is a barrier to the development of the company. Encourage your team to participate in unique hobbies, or volunteer in nearby locations to diversify your team’s experience and knowledge.


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Alyson holds several years of experience in the civil engineering industry, including a vast range of civil engineering production and design work. As the Founder of Ove Design, she has firsthand experience with the pain point firms across the nation often feel - a lack of quality drafting support. Alyson created the Ove Design Team in order to provide firms with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully propel their growth.