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31 Jul

Why The Best Outsource Drafting Production



  • - Knowledge. Gain access to resources and knowledge not already available internally.

  • - Gain Focus. By delegating production responsibilities, you are able to manage the development of your plans while also focusing on growing your company. By outsourcing these responsibilities, you can remove a few items off of your plate, so that you can shift your focus to business development.




  • - Time. Our agency provides quick turnarounds on small projects due to increased availability. Because our team includes professional drafters from around the world, overnight or over the weekend your plan sets will be produced and ready in your inbox bright and early the next morning.

  • - Lower Stress. When understaffed, yet gearing up for a new project, outsourcing production work can aid in the development of your project without overwhelming your team.




  • - Don’t Pay for Overhead. Save costs by not having to pay for additional overhead and operational costs.

  • - Easier Growth. Grow your company steadily. Instead of requiring enough work to support a new team member or two, outsource additional AutoCAD drafting at a gradual and steady pace – when you need to.

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Alyson holds several years of experience in the civil engineering industry, including a vast range of civil engineering production and design work. As the Founder of Ove Design, she has firsthand experience with the pain point firms across the nation often feel - a lack of quality drafting support. Alyson created the Ove Design Team in order to provide firms with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully propel their growth.