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Production and Engineering Design Instruction

We provide refreshing and informative AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and civil design trainings at your request. These web based trainings can range from one hour to half a day per your request.

How We Work

1. Discussion of Training Content

To better understand the needs for your next training, we will offer an initial consultation that helps us identify your team’s core needs and day to day focus. Whether your team is interested in AutoCAD, Civil 3D, or civil design based trainings, we have the expertise to help.

2. Work Ensues

Whether you are interested in weekly lunch and learn trainings, a one-time specialty training, or a fellow engineer to offer advice regarding your project, we will craft a training course specifically based on the needs of your team. By using today’s technology like GoToMeeting and Skype, we share our information live. After the training you receive a recorded copy of the training Our trainings are held at a fixed price for a set amount of time discussed prior to the training.

To maintain relevancy in the market, they say, "never stop learning."